Keyword Research & Keyword Optimisation

Find the right keywords to target & learn how to optimise them in your website

What are keywords? They are the words that people are typing into Google to find an answer to their questions:

‘Public tennis courts Melbourne’

‘Indoor Play Centres near me’

‘Things to do in Yarra Valley’

These are the sort of keywords that people are searching for that bring them to my blog It’s no accident that I rank on #1 on the first page of Google for these keywords and many more. And SEO-optimised content that I published 3 years ago is still bringing me traffic (and $$) today. 

Without optimising your website for the right keywords, your excellent services and beautiful products will not be able to be found by those people who need and want them.

I use a variety of SEO tools to check for:

  • The keywords for which you’re currently ranking in the Top 20 positions on Google; and
  • The keywords that your top organic competitors are currently ranking for; and 
  • The keywords that your competitor businesses on the 1st page of Google are currently ranking for.

You’ll go away with a checklist of priorities and recommendations for:

  • The best keywords to target;
  • The best places to use the target keywords on your website; 
  • How to use target keywords in your meta tags; and
  • Content ideas that focus on target keywords.

The report is easy to understand and actionable, so you will be able to implement the recommendations yourself. 

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